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Power Washing:


Three Important Reasons You Need Pressure Washing


  1. Less Expensive than Replacement – If you are concerned about the appearance of your stone walls or your siding or your deck or your patio or your stone walk-way or even your parking lot… Consider investing in professional pressure washing before making a replacement.
  2. Get Rid of Mould – Pressure washing cuts through harmful mould and grime to clean and remove it safely for the benefit of your building and for your good health.
  3. Protect and Extend the Life of Your Roof – Pressure washing can help you protect one of the biggest investments in your property by keeping your shingles and rooftop clear of harmful mould, insect nesting and bird droppings to extend the life of your roof.




Floor Care:


Your floors are one of the biggest investments in your facility and polishing and refinishing them can make a dramatic difference in appearance and appeal to your tenants and clients.

Floor Cleaning Services Available:
  • Regular burnish and buff
  • High pressure tile cleaning
  • Grout cleaning

Kitchens, lobbies, restrooms, retail floors and health care facilities are just some examples in need of regular floor cleaning services and Clean4Me can help you.


Clean4Me gives you the trained professionals and the equipment necessary to keep your floors looking their best.
For flooring cleaning services in Toronto, Markham, and Vaughan call Clean4Me today.


Strip & Wax:


If shoes are made for walking, then how are they treating your floors?

When the time comes to strip and wax those floors you can leave the dirty work to us and call Clean4Me for all your floor cleaning service needs.







Marble, Terrazzo, Granite Stone Repair:


Rejuvenate or repair your old, worn out Marble, Terrazzo or Granite stone floor with the power of Astro Pad diamonds

Restore and repair your marble counter top and your washroom vanity top with Clean4Me’s marble repair service

Remove ugly spots from your terrazzo and marble floors

Enhance the colour of your marble and granite floor and protect your stone floor surface by sealing it against further wear and tear

Restore your worn, scratched, dull, stone floors to their original, beautiful luster with Clean4Me’s
Marble, terrazzo, and granite stone repair services in Toronto, Markham, and Vaughan.


Call your nearest local Clean4Me™ office location for your free maid service price estimate or request online:

For Toronto maid service and rates call 416-805-7668

For Vaughan maid service and rates call 416-805-7668

For Markham maid service and rates call 905-305-0011


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Cleaning Service Supports Magic Castle Ninja Jump – Video

Clean4Me General Manager Chris Collucci responds to Ninja Jump Challenge to support fundraising for Magic Castle and the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.  Helping provide child-minding services for families dealing with cancer treatment.  How many jumps?  Hmmm….

Cleaning Service in Markham Ninja Jumps for Charity

Giving back is an important of being a business community member and Clean4Me strives to help wherever we can.

Yes, by delivering cleaning services in Markham, Vaughan and Toronto, Clean4Me already makes the world a better place saving marriages across York Region and the GTA one cleaning at a time…

But supporting a charity like the Magic Castle Program the the Princess Margaret Foundation provides free child-minding services to families dealing with cancer helps make the business meaningful to make a difference in the community.

Video Transcript:

“This is in response to Faith Lam’s challenge the Ninja challenge

I will pledge $50 per Ninja Jump and we’ll see how far this goes.  Let’s get right down to it and see how many of these we can pump out, if any.  So $50 per Ninja jump for Magic Castle.

1…  2…  [How many Ninja Jumps for Magic Castle Foundation?]

“Phew…  What a great cause, Faith.  Thank you for the challenge and for carrying that.”

Wishing You a Happy Chinese New Year

2016 Year of the Monkey


新年快乐  |  恭 喜 發 財

May this New Year bring you luck, prosperity and happiness to follow you wherever you go.

猴年吉祥  |  “Good luck for this Monkey Year.”
一帆风顺  |  “May your life go smoothly.”

Clean4Me Gets Top Grade

Click for the BBB Business Review of this House Cleaning in Markham ON
I have heard many cleaning companies actually avoid being an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because they can’t handle the Continue Reading…

Clean4Me challenged by Top Choice Magazine.  Watch here to find out who go soaked and who got challenged

alsbucketchallenge, house cleaning service Markham

VIDEO:  General Manager Chris Collucci



2014 Top Choice Award Winner

Clean4Me Wins Top Choice Home Cleaning Service Award for 2014 for the 2nd consecutive year in row.

house cleaning service, home cleaning service, markham

Top Choice Home Cleaning Service Markham

Dining in the Dark

While our office cleaning service teams are out working late, we are out supporting another good cause – namely, the CNIB Dining in the Dark fund raiser.  Clean4Me’s Web site is designed to be accessible to the visually impaired.

Office cleaning service owners Dine in the Dark for charity.

Office cleaning service owners Dine in the Dark for charity.


October 9th, 2013

Click to watch this CTV interview and learn more about how Cleaning for a Reason partners have helped over 14,000 courageous women receiving cancer treatment by donating free cleaning services to help at home.

citytv logo

In this interview by City TV News, aired Dec 25th, 09 Amanda shared their noble actions to help cancer patients to get through the tough times. Detail story was reported by Laura Dibattista at City TV News. AmandaCollucci#p/u/0/ 1ubHT1Q__JQ

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CLEAN 4 ME Entrepreneurial Profile Amanda Collucci is president and founder of Clean 4 Me, a cleaning company that is sweeping across York region… watch?v=b8i1qtv7yKk

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Amanda Collucci, Founder and CEO of Markham based Clean4Me Inc., has been appointed
to the Board of Directors for the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International
(ARCSI). pdf/download/200910/ 1255544871.pdf