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Ask about Clean4Me’s simple and effective 5 / 5 /5 Licensing Program:

  • $5,000 One Time Licensing Fee
  • $500 per Month Marketing & Development Fund
  • 5% Monthly Royalty Fee


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  • Are you searching for an opportunity with tremendous earning potential?
  • Do you want to reap maximum rewards from a low initial investment?
  • Would you take pride providing responsible, quality service in your community?
  • Have you been dreaming you can do all that and still have time for your family?
  • At Clean4Me, we know you can. With our unique franchise model, it’s simple.
  • Allow us to share our expertise…and help you build your dream.


Clean4Me – One Call Cleans It All™

Clean4Me™ is not your typical professional cleaning company. We offer consumers the convenience of one-stop-shopping and our franchisees the freedom to diversify. It is our intention to become the IBM of the cleaning industry.

You can choose to build on the successful Clean4Me model by expanding your business to offer One Call Cleans It All™ services – carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, window cleaning and additional specialty services.

Why not expand your profit zones and achieve an even more balanced income throughout the seasons?


The Industry

Starting a cleaning business is no longer as simple as buying a few cleaning supplies and passing out flyers. The industry has changed. Clients now demand higher skill and service levels from reliable, committed and carefully trained professionals like those employed by Clean4Me™.

However a cleaning business is regarded by many as a top business to run in a less than stellar economy.


Your Residential Cleaning Business franchise

Who has time to clean?

A cleaning service was a luxury 30 years ago but today it’s a necessity for many. Most people say they don’t have enough time to do all the things they want to do, especially in two-income families with children. House cleaning too often falls between the cracks.

The “do-it-for-me” consumer market is also growing. Single professionals spend more time at the office and increasingly make up for it by spending their disposable income on support services such as house cleaning. These successful professionals represent a financially resilient market.

And as the average age of the population continues to rise, house cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular for retirees who either are too active to want to spend time cleaning, or are unable physically to maintain their residences any longer. In the case of the latter group, often their caregivers are hiring the cleaning service to ease their own care burden, or doing so for their own homes, or both.


Your Commercial Cleaning Business franchise

Why not become a part of a recession-resistant, highly stable industry?

So long as there are office buildings, banks, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, shopping centres and medical centres there will be a need for commercial cleaning services, no matter what’s happening in the financial markets

Currently, the demand for high-quality commercial cleaning services is actually greater than the supply. Janitors and cleaners are said to be in the Top 2 growth areas of employment over the next 10 years (U.S. Department of Labor). Someone has to employ them. Why not you?

The commercial cleaning industry is worth $140 billion in the U.S. and Canada’s is estimated to be on par per capita (is this true?). Projections show that this industry with virtually unlimited growth potential will increase to more than $155 billion over the next two years.


What About Carpets Cleaning franchise & Windows?

Don’t forget the demand for carpet cleaning services and window cleaning services to give you complimentary business for all seasons with Clean4Me™’s One Call Cleans it All™ business model. Why would you pay for just one business line somewhere else when you can establish several lines of business with your Clean4Me™ business?


Clean4Me™ Benefits franchise:

  • Flexibility: Clean4Me is unlike other maid services or janitorial brands that are limited to one offering. Clean4Me has a unique brand. One Call Cleans it All allows you to branch into other profit zones.
  • Teamwork: With Clean4Me you won’t be out there on your own. We support our franchisees to be successful. And you’ll be involved in corporate decisions. We put your success first. Since Clean4Me is a flat organization, there is no bureaucracy.
  • Professionalism: Our professionalism and crisp execution are the foundation of the Clean4Me brand. We often hear that our professionalism is the primary reason that customers choose us over the competition.
  • Support: We believe that access to a proven system like the SMART Clean System combined with the Clean4Me business principles can make the experience of business ownership easier, more enjoyable and more successful for you
  • Environmental Responsibility: Clean4Me proudly uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and is committed to a healthy work environment and healthy home living.
  • Proven Success: Our rapid expansion since 2006 proves that we deliver excellence. Many of our clients come to us through word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Profits: Millions of homes across the country rely on a maid service to clean their homes regularly. Businesses count on professional cleaning services to keep their businesses sanitary and professional. It’s a multimillion-dollar industry. Why not become a part of it, with a company charting record growth?


Join the Clean4Me Family Today

  • Owning your own professional cleaning business franchise gives you the freedom to be your own boss.
  • You’ll spend time with your family and friends.
  • You’ll contribute to the health of the environment as a good corporate citizen.
  • With a minimal investment you’ll position yourself to share in the wealth of a recession-resistant, reliable, growth industry, and…
  • Through Clean4Me’s franchise program you’ll be on your way to experiencing your own financial freedom.

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“It all starts with a dream. Let go of your fears, doubts and disbeliefs. Be courageous, embrace change and start believing in your dream…because you are living in it!”

– Amanda Collucci, Founder & CEO, Clean4Me™ Inc.




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Why A Franchise?

Owning a franchise is a ready-made way of doing business that has several advantages. If you are considering becoming a member of the Clean4Me family, here’s a few things you might not know that make owning a franchise better than going out on your own.

  1. The business practices are all in place and tried and tested. As a new Clean4Me franchisee, you’ll have access to all the ideas we use to make our business run smoothly.
  2. Of course you’ll be selling an established product or service that has great credentials when you come on board with us. Clean4Me has a reputation that is 10 years old and you will be able to enjoy the credibility of being one of our franchisees when you sign on.
  3. We can also supply advertising and marketing help based on what we’ve done before and what works.

Owning a franchise means getting a ready-made business that has credibility and the ability to make money for you. Why not get in touch with us today so we can fill you in on all the details about starting your own Clean4Me franchise?

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Cleaning Service Supports Magic Castle Ninja Jump – Video

Clean4Me General Manager Chris Collucci responds to Ninja Jump Challenge to support fundraising for Magic Castle and the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.  Helping provide child-minding services for families dealing with cancer treatment.  How many jumps?  Hmmm….

Cleaning Service in Markham Ninja Jumps for Charity

Giving back is an important of being a business community member and Clean4Me strives to help wherever we can.

Yes, by delivering cleaning services in Markham, Vaughan and Toronto, Clean4Me already makes the world a better place saving marriages across York Region and the GTA one cleaning at a time…

But supporting a charity like the Magic Castle Program the the Princess Margaret Foundation provides free child-minding services to families dealing with cancer helps make the business meaningful to make a difference in the community.

Video Transcript:

“This is in response to Faith Lam’s challenge the Ninja challenge

I will pledge $50 per Ninja Jump and we’ll see how far this goes.  Let’s get right down to it and see how many of these we can pump out, if any.  So $50 per Ninja jump for Magic Castle.

1…  2…  [How many Ninja Jumps for Magic Castle Foundation?]

“Phew…  What a great cause, Faith.  Thank you for the challenge and for carrying that.”

Wishing You a Happy Chinese New Year

2016 Year of the Monkey


新年快乐  |  恭 喜 發 財

May this New Year bring you luck, prosperity and happiness to follow you wherever you go.

猴年吉祥  |  “Good luck for this Monkey Year.”
一帆风顺  |  “May your life go smoothly.”

Clean4Me Gets Top Grade

Click for the BBB Business Review of this House Cleaning in Markham ON
I have heard many cleaning companies actually avoid being an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because they can’t handle the Continue Reading…

Clean4Me challenged by Top Choice Magazine.  Watch here to find out who go soaked and who got challenged

alsbucketchallenge, house cleaning service Markham

VIDEO:  General Manager Chris Collucci



2014 Top Choice Award Winner

Clean4Me Wins Top Choice Home Cleaning Service Award for 2014 for the 2nd consecutive year in row.

house cleaning service, home cleaning service, markham

Top Choice Home Cleaning Service Markham

Dining in the Dark

While our office cleaning service teams are out working late, we are out supporting another good cause – namely, the CNIB Dining in the Dark fund raiser.  Clean4Me’s Web site is designed to be accessible to the visually impaired.

Office cleaning service owners Dine in the Dark for charity.

Office cleaning service owners Dine in the Dark for charity.


October 9th, 2013

Click to watch this CTV interview and learn more about how Cleaning for a Reason partners have helped over 14,000 courageous women receiving cancer treatment by donating free cleaning services to help at home.

citytv logo

In this interview by City TV News, aired Dec 25th, 09 Amanda shared their noble actions to help cancer patients to get through the tough times. Detail story was reported by Laura Dibattista at City TV News. AmandaCollucci#p/u/0/ 1ubHT1Q__JQ

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CLEAN 4 ME Entrepreneurial Profile Amanda Collucci is president and founder of Clean 4 Me, a cleaning company that is sweeping across York region… watch?v=b8i1qtv7yKk

arcsi logo

Amanda Collucci, Founder and CEO of Markham based Clean4Me Inc., has been appointed
to the Board of Directors for the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International
(ARCSI). pdf/download/200910/ 1255544871.pdf