House Cleaning Tips from the Pros

We know here at Clean4Me that you want to do some of your house cleaning yourself. We can be at your address anytime you want for any kind of commercial or residential job that includes window cleaning, duct cleaning and even carpet cleaning services, but we’re only too happy to provide you with some house cleaning tips because we understand you take great pride in your home.

First off, we know how important it is to have all the latest technology but think you should shut your phone off before you start doing any of the cleaning jobs that you want to get done. Getting sidetracked in your own house can bump the time for cleaning up from two hours to over four depending on the task.

Focusing on the cleaning job at hand helps you to see all the dirt and grime and that’s why you should get rid of as many other distractions as possible. Make sure to keep the TV off, shut the computer down and, even if you can’t shut your phone off entirely, set it to vibrate and leave it in another room.

Another good idea is to get simple jobs done first and leave the bigger projects for last once you’ve been motivated by getting these smaller tasks out of the way. Think about tackling the home office or dining room as a great place to start before you take on the bigger issues in rooms like a kitchen or bathroom.

Get The Family Involved

It’s even possible to get the family involved with these house cleaning tips by buying a squeegee and encouraging everyone to use it after baths and showers. This works especially well in the washroom where mold and film can build up and if everybody uses this simple tool, your cleaning time will be cut down drastically. Using a squeegee ensures that all kinds of residue will be washed away with water and not cling and harden on the tile or porcelain in your washroom.

Even kitchen jobs are much easier with a few simple ideas. For example, if you’re getting sick of seeing hardened stains and food particles stuck to the inside of your microwave, all you need to do is put a cup of water to steam inside for two to three minutes. That will make any residue much easier to wipe away and give you more time for other important areas to clean.

Finally, one of the easiest tools to use in any home cleaning project is the vacuum. That said, wipe away crumbs from tabletops and knock dust from drapes and you’ll only have to pick everything up off the floor. A good vacuum is the right tool here and if you have one with a HEPA filter, all the better.

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