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What goes into a good house cleaning contract

Everyone feels better and is much more relaxed when you have a cleaning service that’s willing to sign a house cleaning contract. When your contract outlines everyone’s responsibilities and exactly what will and won’t get done on specific dates, the whole relationship between the person having the work done and the company doing it runs more smoothly.

Of course there are a few traditional steps that have worked for so long now they have become the way most people set up a good house cleaning contract. It stands to reason that you want to see a company name somewhere on the letterhead that includes all the relevant contact information like a snail mail and email address as well as telephone numbers and email addresses.

Fundamentals of a house cleaning contract

Of course one of the fundamentals of any good house cleaning contract are the details. That means you need to make sure what the company is proposing to do and how often they are proposing to do it is clearly laid out in easy to understand language.

For example, if the company you’re proposing to work with will be doing a regular cleaning on a weekly basis and a deep cleaning once a month, what each of these categories entails should be described. Perhaps they will be doing some light dusting once a week and then bringing in more equipment to dust in hard-to-reach corners only once a month? All this needs to be clear as well as the kind of cleaning supplies they use and the number of people that will be needed for each job.


A good house cleaning contract also will describe in detail the kind of staff the cleaning company uses. For example, when you hire us at Clean4Me, we clearly explain the fact that all of our employees are bonded and insured so you can put any security concerns that you have to rest.

As a customer, if you think something should be on a good house cleaning contract and you don’t see it, it’s well within your rights to ask about it. One of the areas you don’t want to miss out on is any company guarantee about the cleaning services they provide.

A good house cleaning contract has to have several different clearly defined categories before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure the company you are thinking about dealing with has a certain element of flexibility built into the contract so you can add services or shuffle them around at will.

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